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52 Ancestors in 2015: #7 - Annagusta West

Annagusta West

Week 7: Love
Annaugsta West is my 3rd great grandmother in my father's paternal line.  She is by far my favorite ancestor to research.  For some reason I am drawn to her and love spending time figuring out the nuances of her life; from her childhood, family history, her adult years and the lives of her descendants.

I am currently in the process of writing a family history narrative about her life and how she spent the years between September 26, 1843 and January 9, 1923.  I am loving finding out what her dash represents.

Here are some of the basic facts that have been acquired using the census records:

Anna was born on September 26, 1843 to Edward and Mary West.  She was born in NYC.  Her family was living at 14 First Ave and then moved to 71 First Ave.  Her father was working as a butcher in the Fulton Market.

In 1850 Anna is 6 years old and attending school.  She is living in the 17th Ward of NYC.  Her father is employed as a butcher.  She has four siblings - Joseph (8), Edward (4), Margaret (3) and George (1).  Joseph also attends school.  There is a Mary McGowen living with the family.

In 1855 Anna is living with her parents in NYC in the 11th Ward.  All of her siblings are living at home.  Joseph (14), Edward (10), Margaret (8), George (6) and Thomas (3).  Anna is twelve years old.

In 1860 Anna is living at home with her parents Edward and Mary West in NYC in the 17th Ward. Her father is working as a butcher with a personal estate listed in value of $200.   Her brother Joseph (19), sister Margaret (12) and brothers George (11) and Thomas (8) are also living in the household. The younger three siblings are attending school.  Anna is working as a meat trimmer.  Her brother Edward (14) is no longer living at home -- he is found in Illinois living with B.W. Barrows.

Anna married Charles Drake in 1861.   This is the same year that her mother passed away.

In 1870  Anna and Charles are living in Northeast, Dutchess, New York.  Charles is working as a carpenter.  The personal estate is valued at $150 with no real estate value listed.  They have three children:  Lillian (6), Sarah (3) and Minnie (1).  Lillian is attending school.

In 1875 Anna is living with her brother Joseph West in Northeast, Dutchess, New York.  They are living in a framed house valued at $1000.  Joseph is working as a butcher.  Anna is listed as keeping house.  Anna has the following children living with her:  Lillian (10), Sarah (8), Minnie (5), and Joseph (2).  They have a domestic living with them named Sarah McLaughlin.

In 1880 Anna and Charles are living in Amenia, NY in Dutchess County.  Five of their children are living at home - Sarah(12), Minnie (9), Joseph (7), Jennie (5) and Clara (2).  Charles is working as blacksmith.  They are living a few houses down from George W Haskins and his wife Sarah.  George is the father of George H. Haskins whom thier daughter Sarah later marries.  Sarah and George are the parents of my great grandfather - Fred Haskins.

In 1892 Anna and Charles were living in Sodus, NY.  Living at home with them was their son Joseph age 19 (farmer) and daughters Jennie (16), Clara (14) and Agnes (7).  Charles is working as a carpenter.

In 1900 Anna and Charles were living in Sodus, NY.  Their daughter Sarah Haskins and grandchildren Darwin and Fred were living with them.  They had been married for 39 years.  Charles was working as a carpenter and had been out of work for 4 months.  Darwin and Fred were attending school.  They were renting their home.

In 1905 Anna was living on Palmyra Street in Marion, NY with her husband Charles.  Charles is working as a carpenter and Anna is listed as doing housework.  They are living next to Charles and Mary Potter - Charles has no occupation and Marietta Cogswell - she is 84 with no occupation.

1910 Anna was living in Marion, NY  - no street is identified.  She is living with her husband Charles and their daughter Sarah Haskins.  Charles and Anna own their home.  Charles is a carpenter in the housing industry.  Anna has no occupation and Sarah is working as a dressmaker.  They live next door to the Toppings - they also own their home.  Their other neighbors are the Westfalls.  They are renting their home and the head of household is working as a surveyor.  Charles is not listed as having been in the Civil War.

In 1915 Anna was living in Marion, NY on Palmyra Road or South Main Street.  She was living with her husband Charles.  They were both US citizens that had lived in the US their whole lives.  Charles is listed with no occupation and Anna as housework.  They are living next to the Topping Family - who is a manufacturer of ladders and the Potter family who is a tailor.

In 1920 Anna was living in Marion, NY on South Main Street.  She was living with her husband Charles who owned his own home.  Their neighbors were the Topping Family and Buram Luce. Charles was working as laborer doing day work -- his income was in the form of wages.

Anna died on January 9th 1923.  She buried in the Marion Cemetery in Marion, New York.

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