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52 Ancestors in 2015: #8 - Louisa Cooper

Louisa Cooper

Louisa Cooper is my 4th great grandfather, Edward West's, wife.  I guess that makes her my 4th step great grandmother.  Louisa was born in New York in 1818.  She married her first husband, George Hartell on June 5, 1838.  They had two sons.
Week 8: Good Deeds
  • George W. Hartell   b. 1844
  • Christan F. Hartell   b. Sept 29, 1846  d. Nov. 29, 1883
George Hartell, as well as many of his family members were butchers, just like Louisa Cooper's 2nd husband, my 4th great grand father.  New York City directory records indicate that the Hartells and Edward West with his first wife, Mary were neighbors during late 1840's.  My supposition is that they most likely knew each other.  George Hartell died on March 2, 1848.

In 1850, Louisa was living with her two young sons and her mother-in-law Elizabeth Hartell.  They were living next door to Cornelius Hartell and his family.  Cornelius was also a butcher.

In 1855, Louisa was living with her two young sons with no occupation.

In 1860, Louisa is living with her sons and working as a housekeeper with the Commier family.

In 1861, Edward West's wife, Mary, died on June 1st.  Soon after that Edward and Louisa married and had a daughter Louisa.  After Mary's death -Edward's children from his first marriage moved away with the exception of Thomas.  Annaugusta got married, Joseph and George went to fight in the Civil War. Their sister Margaret was also is no longer listed with the family.  Edward was still in Illinois and would also enlist in the Civil War to fight for the Union.

By 1870, Edward and Louisa were living in Brooklyn.  Edward was still working as a butcher. Edward's son Thomas and their daughter Louisa were living with them.

In 1871, Edward and Louisa West were conveyed Lot 18044 in the Greenwood Cemetery.  Once they had the lot they conveyed the front half of the lot to Hiram Kirk and his wife Charlotte.

In 1880 they were still living in Brooklyn. Louisa, their daughter was still living with them.

Both Edward and Louisa died in 1886.  They were buried in their cemetery lot 18044 in the Green-wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY.

I was able to secure the deed and information related to the lot of land in the cemetery.  This is what I was able to learn for those documents.
  • Edward Harrison and his wife Maria of Guelph of Canada West sold Edward West, his wife and their heirs for $350 the lot of land in the Green-Wood Cemetery known as 18044 containing three hundred and seventy-eight superficial feet.  Edward and Maria Harrsion purchased the land on May 29, 1868. They sold the land to the Edward and Louisa on October 25, 1871.
  • There is a note attached to the sale agreement.  It states - I hereby  ..... for myself, my heirs or assigns to respect the small grave now in the within mentioned for and that it shall remain undisturbed --signed Edward West.
  • Edward and Louisa West sold Hiram Kirk and his wife Charlotte and their heirs for $175 the front half of the lot of land in the Green-Wood Cemetery known as 18044 containing one hundred and eighty-nine superficial feet.  They purchased their half of the lot on October 31, 1871.
  • Dated - New York, November 29, 1883 To the Superintendent of Internments of Green Wood Cemetery.  Please open a grave in my lot no 18044 for the remains of Christian F. Hartell in the half of lot where no one is buried.  Signed, Edward West.  
  • Heirs of Louisa West, Widow of Edward deceased.  Lot No. 18044  State of New York, I , George B. Hartell of 152 East 121st Street New York City, NY being duly sworn, do depose and say that Louisa West, widow of Edward West late part owner of Lot Number 18044 in the The Green-Wood Cemetery, died on the tenth day of April 1886, leaving no will and that the sole surviving heirs at law to such interest in said lot are the five children of her deceased son George W. Hartell; Edward W Hartell, Charles E. Hartell, Lillian Franke, Viola Beatie and George B. Hartell this deponent; and possibly one son of her deceased son Christian F. Hartell; William Hartell who has disappeared and from whom deponent has not heard for more than fifteen years; there being no other issue of any deceased child of said Louisa West deceased.  Signed - George B. Hartell  Dated August 14, 1912.
  • New York June 17, 1914  Supt. of Green Wood Cemetery - Kindly open grave in my lot for the remains of my wife Edith Hartell.  The undertaker will give instructions.  Signed George B. Hartell.
  • Heirs of George B.  Hartell deceased Part of Lot No 18044.  State of New York, County of New York.  I, Herbert C. Hartell of 1265 Olmstead Avenue, Bronx, New York, New York being duly sworn, do depose and say that George B. Hartell, late part owner of Lot No 18044 in the Green-Wood Cemetery died on the 12th day of February, 1927, leaving a will which was duly probated in the County of New York, State of New York, but which does not alienate any interest in said lot from his heirs at law; that the sole surviving heirs at law to such interes in said lot, are his four children, viz: Herbert C Hartell this deponent, George D Hartell, Harry W Hartell and Irene Phelpos; there being no issue of any deceased child of said George B. Hartell, deceased.   Memo:  Dorthy Hartell, wife of deponent. Mildred Hartell, wife of George D. Hartell, Mae Hartell, wife of said Harry W. Hartell, Arthur Phelps, husband of said Irene Phelps.  Signed Herbert C. Hartell.  Sworn to before me this 11th day of April, 1941 ~ Leslie F Ellert (notary).
Individuals Buried in lot 18044 at The Green-Wood Cemetery
  1. Edward P. Lees - interred on March 5, 1865.  Died on March 3, 1865.  Last Residence:  3130 Fifth Ave, New York.  Age at Time of Death - 2 years, 11 months 2 days.  Birthplace: England.  Cause of Death: Consumption.  Funeral Director: C.C. Simpson.
  2. Hester Weaver - interred on May 13, 1876.  Died on May 11, 1876.  Last Residence 676 Greene Ave Brooklyn.  Age at Time of Death: 72 Years, 1 month, 11 days. Marital Status: Widow.  Birthplace: Long Island.  Cause of Death: Debility.  Undertaker - Samuel Henderson
  3. Christian F. Hartell - interred on December 2, 1883. Died on November 29, 1883.  Last Residence 460 East 115 St, New York.  Age at Time of Death - 37 years, 2 months.  Marital Status: Married.  Birthplace: New York.  Cause of Death: Diarrhea.  Undertaker: T.C. Freeborn
  4. Edward West - interred on January 29th 1886.  Died on January 27, 1886.  Last Residence: 314 East 114 St., New York.  Age at Time of Death:  68 years, 11 months, 3 days. Marital Status:  Married.   Birthplace: England. Cause of Death: Nephritis.  Undertaker: C Merritt.
  5. Louisa West - interred on April 13, 1886.  Died on April 10, 1886.  Last Residence: 314 114th St, New York.  Age at Time of Death: 68 years.  Marital Status:  Widow.  Birthplace: New York.  Cause of Death: Disease of Heart.  Undertaker:  C. Merritt.
  6. Hiram Kirk - interred on December 2, 1886.  Died on November 30, 1886.  Last Residence 676 Green Ave. Brooklyn.  Age at Time of Death:  74 Years, 2 months, 2 days. Marital Status:  Married.  Birthplace: Delaware. Cause of Death:  Cancer of Stomach.  Undertaker:  Samuel Henderson & Son.
  7. Eliza H. Hammell - interred on December 26th 1887.  Died on December 23, 1887. Last Residence:  676 Greene Ave. Brooklyn.  Age at Time of Death: 72 Years, 1 month. Marital Status: Widow Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY.  Cause of Death:   Phlegmonous erysipelas of face.   Undertaker: G.W. Smith.
  8. Charlotte Kirk - interred on August 12, 1890.  Died on August 9, 1890.  Last Residence: 676 Green Ave. Brooklyn.  Age at Time of Death: 79 Years, 4 months.  Marital Status:  Widow.  Birthplace: NY.  Cause of Death: Dysentery.  Undertaker: Samuel Henderson & Son.
  9. Edith Hartell - interred on June 20, 1914.  Died on June 16, 1914.  Last Residence: 154 East 121st, NY.  Age at Time of Death:  40 years. Marital Status:  Married.  Birthplace: New York City.  Cause of Death: Septicemia.  Undertaker: L.A. Hammond.
  10. George Boyde Hartell - interred on February 16, 1927.  Died on February 12, 1927.  Last Residence:  2460 Davidson Ave., Bronx, NY.  Age at Time of Death:  58 Years.  Marital Status: Married. Birth Place: New York City.   Cause of Death:  Endcarditis.  Undertaker: L.A. Hammond
Summer 2014 - I visited Lot 18044.

Lot 18044 in The Green-Wood Cemetery - Brooklyn, NY

Thoughts based on the information that I have obtained from the deed of Lot 18044.

  • I was surprised to see that there was no mention of Louisa West, the daughter of Edward and Louisa.  I would have expected her to be listed as an heir, or buried there if she had already died.   
  • There was no mention of any of Edward's children as being heirs to the lot.  I am not surprised.  I have a feeling that Edward's children became estranged from him after their m other passed away and he married Louisa.  There was no mention of him in a family bible that I was given dating back to the late 1800's.

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