Saturday, February 14, 2015

52 Ancestors in 2015: # 5 - Fred Haskins

Fred Haskins

Fred Haskins is my great grandfather on my father's paternal side.  He wasn't a farmer.  He didn't plow snow, at least I don't think so and he is not someone I have been plowing through with my research and yet he's the ancestor I think of when I ponder this week's theme.

Week 5: Plowing Through
When I was born I lived next door to Fred, or Grandpa Great, as I used to call him.  He lived in a big old, creaky house that smelled of his pipe smoke.  The house had strange noises and there was an old cuckoo clock that hung on the wall.  It was like walking back in time when you entered the back room.  One would never know that it was actually 1970 something.

When I would venture over, usually with my mom or dad, never alone, I remember if he wasn't out and about puttering he was either sitting in his chair in the kitchen looking out on the birds or was sitting in one of two rocking chairs on back porch.  One was his and the other, Kate's, my great grandmother.  She died the year I was born.

One thing I remember about Fred was that he had a huge garden.  It took up the whole backyard of his house on Union Street in Marion.  It had an array of vegetables and flowers.  I don't remember them but there are pictures of beautiful rose bushes.  I do remember that he planted beets and he would put them on old screens after they were picked.  I also remember that the family canned them. He spent a lot time in his garden and with his garden tools.  He was winning against the weeds.  He used to use an old hand plow and a hoe - which are still around in the barn today.

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