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52 Ancestors in 2015: #4 - Katherine Nevelizer

Katherine Nevelizer

Week 4:  Closest to Your Birthday
Katherine Nevelizer is my 3rd great grandmother on my father's paternal side.  She was born Catharina Neufelgise, on May 3, 1830 in Cadzand, Zeeland, Netherlands to Abraham Neufeglise and Sara Suwijn.  Katherine was born the same day as me, only 142 years earlier.

Katherine married Abraham van Lare on June 16, 1853 in her hometown of Cadzand.  They had eight children, five of them living to adulthood.  All of the children were born in Zuidzande, Zeeland, Netherlands.

  1. Levenloos van Lare - daughter -- born lifeless on April 4, 1854
  2. Abraham van Lare - son -- born on April 14, 1855
  3. Jacobus van Lare - son, my 2nd great grandfather -- born on August 26, 1856
  4. Levenloos van Lare - son -- born lifeless on October 19, 1857
  5. Izaak van Lare - son -- born on October 7, 1858
  6. Sara van Lare - daughter -- born on February 2, 1860
  7. Jannis van Lare - son -- born July 12, 1866
  8. Mattheus van Lare - son -- born March 5, 1871.  He died at 1 month on April 3, 1871.
The family emigrated to the United States.  They left the port of Antwerp, Belgium on the Ship Steinmann.  They arrived New York, New York on May 17, 1873 and settled in Marion, NY

The 1880 Federal Census states that they were living in Marion.  Katherine was 50 years old and is listed as keeping house.  Her husband Abram is 54 and is listed as a farmer.  They have their four sons still living at home.  Abram is 25 and is working as a nurseryman.  Jacob is 24 and works in farming. Isaac is 23 and is a farm laborer, and John is 18 and attending school.

The 1892 New York Census states that Abram and Katherine are still living in Marion.  Abram is still farming.  John is the only child living at home.  He is now 25 years old, there is not an occupation listed for him.

Katherine died on April 10, 1898, four years after her husband.  They are both buried in the Marion Cemetery.

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