Monday, September 3, 2012

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Ancestor Name Roulette

So, the task last week on Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun was to play Ancestor Name Roulette.  The directions are to select one of your great grandfathers.  You are to take their birth year and divide it by 50 - that becomes your ancestor number, then using the ahnentafel numbering system you are to look that person up in your family tree and write about them.

Here's Mine:

I picked my great grandfather Isacc DeFisher.  He was born in 1875.  When I apply the rules I come up with number 38.  This person in my family tree is Daniel Bushart or Daniel Bruysschaard.

Daniel Bushart (1835- 1922?).  Daniel was born on February 16, 1835 in Schoondyke, Holland to Daniel Bruysschaard and Janneka VanBlankenberg.   His first wife was Pieternella (Nellie) Moeluart.

Three facts about Daniel Bushart:
  • Fact One:  He was issued a passport based on the authorization of the Department of War on February 16, 1859 .  His passport states that he was the son of Daniel and Janneke vanBlankenberg.  It also states that his face was round with a high forehead.  He had blue eyes and large nose with a small mouth.  His chin was round and he had blond hair and eyebrows.  What is exciting is I have the original document in my possession.  Below is a picture of Daniel.
Daniel Bushart - Taken in Marion, NY

  • Fact Two:  Daniel and his family were issued a certificate of change of residence in 1873. It states in translation that the following persons in accordance with Article 14 of the 'sKonings Decision of November 3, 1861 leave the municipality with a population of residence to settle in North America.  I have the original document.  He was listed on the document as well as his wife Nellie, his daughter Pietrnella, daughter Janneke, son Daniel, son Cornelis and daughter Elizabeth.

  • Fact Three:  Once Daniel came to America he spent his life living in Wayne County in New York State.  Census records show that he lived in the towns of Marion and Palmyra, New York.  It states he owned a farm in Palmyra from from 1900 until after his second wife's death between 1910 and 1915.  After his second wife, Jennie, died he went to live with his daughter Nellie and her husband Jacob VanLare.