Sunday, October 21, 2012

Suzanna Tack

Suzanna Tack is my third great grandmother on the Derks (Dierx) side.  I selected her name from my blogging jar with the prompt - write about three facts.  Here is a little bit about what I have learned about her.

Fact One:

Suzanna Tack was born on November 29, 1810 in Cadzand, Zeeland Netherlands to Abraham Tack and Katherina Frederika Blansaart.

Fact Two:

Suzanna Tack married Jannis Bulting on January 23, 1840 in Cadzand, Zeeland.  She was 29 years old when she got married and her occupation was listed as a maidservant.

Fact Three:

Suzanna and Jannis had seven children.  The first child, Abraham, was born four months after they were married.  I wonder if this impacted how they were viewed in their community?  Abraham only lived to be 3 years old.  He died in November of 1843.  She had another son in April of 1844 that she also named Abraham.  Suzanna gave birth to my 2nd great grandmother Jozina in April of 1841.  The first Abraham and Jozina shared a birth day of April 10th.

Not So Sure if it is Fact:

While doing some research in a Dutch database I found that a Suzanna Tack gave birth to at least two other children before she married Jannis.  I am not 100% sure that it was her but the name, location and age were all correct.  The children that I believe to be hers are Adriana Tack born on 6/8/1835 and Abraham Phillipus Tack born on 10/1/1836.  He died only 14 days later.  Neither of these children have a father listed on their birth records.  I am intrigued by this story and want to know more.   I just wish I knew Dutch and where to begin.  Any advice?

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  1. Download Google translate. I have used it for German and Czech. Its not perfect but it gives you a good idea.