Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Family History - An Acrostic Poem

October is Family History Month: In honor of that I have created acrostic style poem to highlight some of the facts from my family tree.

Many of my ancestors originated from England and Holland.

Year my first ancestor came to the US; 1632.


Farmers; A common occupation in  my family tree.

A in Haskins was once an O in Hoskins.  It appears to have changed in the late 1700’s with Jonah.

My great grandmother, Sarah Wisse DeFisher, had 17 children.

Issac and Sarah DeFisher came to the US in April of 1900 on the Rotterdam with 4 sons and $2.00.

Leisten, Wilhemina Ruth is my 2nd great grandmother.  She was born in April 1869 in Penfield, NY

Year my great grandfather Fred Haskins was really born—1894.  His tombstone says 1891.


Haskins Contractors and Builders was founded in 1937. — Family masonry business.

In the 1840 & 50’s my 4th GGF, Edward West, worked as a butcher @the Fulton Market in NYC.

Sara and Peter Derks came to the US in June of 1905 on the Rotterdam with 1 son and $24.00

Topping Ladder Company  - A place my Grandpa Derks worked making reels.

Onions & potatoes; some of the crops my family grew and still grows on the muck of Wayne Co.

Roberston, my grandmother’s family  is part of one of the oldest Scottish clans.

You live as long as you are remembered—A Russian Proverb

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