Monday, October 15, 2012

Nellie Bushart VanLare - A Census Record Review of 1940

Pietranella (Nellie) Bushart VanLare is my 2nd great grandmother.  She was born to Daniel Bruysschaard and Nellie Malard.  She married Jacob VanLare.  They had two daughters, Katherine and Sarah.

The last census record that I can locate of Nellie Bushart VanLare is from 1940.  At that time she was living in Marion, New York in Wayne County. 

Nellie was living at 108 S. Main Street in a house that she owned. It is listed as being valued at $1500.  She was 79 years old, which makes her birth year around 1861.  At this time she was widowed.  The census states that she attended school through the 6th grade.

The census indicates that her granddaughter Rachel Drave and her husband Julian were also living with Nellie.  Rachel is the daughter of Fred Haskins and Katherine VanLare.  Their neighbors were Elmer Corey and Frank & Mable Dubois.

Nellie was born in Holland, but was a naturalized citizen.  It states that she lived in the same house in 1935.   

The 1940 census asked a lot of questions about working/employment history.  At 79, Nellie was not working for pay and was not seeking work.  It states that she had other income.

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