Tuesday, March 25, 2014

52 Ancestors #10: Sara Scheerens

For week 10 I selected Sara Scheerens: and my focus is to write about what she was doing at the age of 40. Sara Scheerens is my 5th great grandmother in my mother's paternal line.

Sara was born in 1756 to Jacob Scheerens and Maria Ramat in Nieuwvliet, Zeeland,Netherlands.  Sara was one of seven children.  She had four brothers and two sisters.

When Sara was at the age of 40 it would have been 1799. The country would have been under the Batavian Republic and was a time in history known as the French Period.  She was living in Zuidande, Zeeland, Netherlands and was married to Jakob Carlier.  She had given birth to four children and was pregnant with her fifth.  Her children were:

  1. Barbarina was 10 years old.  It is believed that she was named after her father's mother - Barbarina Notebaard.
  2. Sara (my 4th great grandmother) was 4 years old.
  3. Abraham was 3 years old.
  4. Elizabeth was 1 years old.


  1. Is she the one baptized on 3-2-1760 in Groede with a twin brother Jacobus? And died on 11-2-1815 in Zuidzande, "56" y old?

    1. Yes- I do believe she is the one. Are you related to her?