Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011

Well today marks the start of a new year and ends another year that was full of wonderful memories and good times!  As a family, we have had a lot of fun being together and in terms of family research I was very successful.  In 2010 I found George Henry!!!  I'm not sure how many people really appreciate what that discovery meant to me but it was epic.  I have been looking for him for over 8 years and finally with the help Mr. Webb in Amenia, NY and a trip to Connecticut I was able to put the pieces of the puzzle together to locate him.   He is buried in Deep Run Connecticut with his sister Julia and her family.  I am in the process of acquiring death certificates and other information to see what details I can learn.

As far as 2011 goes...........I plan to write a book.  I have already warned my family; their response was "you're crazy."  Oh well.  I am excited to take my family research one step farther.  Not sure exactly the details of my book but that is my project for the year.  I also plan to blog on a more regular basis (regular basis yet to be defined).

Yesterday I asked my family what their favorite memories from 2010 were, some of the responses included:
  • Our hike to Grimes Glen in Naples, NY.
  • Going to the Pirate Maze for fall fun and shooting the canon.
  • Our vacations to Myrtle Beach and Atlantic Beach, especially going in the ocean.
  • Going to see Jake and Addi.
They certainly didn't say having their picture taken 100 million different times, but I appreciate how they humor me and hope they realize it is only going to be worse this year now that I have my new camera.

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