Friday, July 16, 2010

My First Posting

So, I guess I am officially starting this blog.  I have messed with the layout, templates and format long enough.  It even took me forever to decide on a title.  I went with "A Couple of Whiles" because it reminds me of my grandmother.  I used to tell her this all of the time and it became a family saying so when I hear it, it makes me happy and brings a smile to my face.  I also know that it would make her smile too.  With all that being said, the time has come for me to just start writing and posting.  Not really sure what I am going to write about, well I know exactly what I'm going to write about but not sure of what direction it will take me. 

I have been researching my family history for about 8 years.  I go in spurts of being very addicted to hardly ever finding the time to open my tree or research a fact.  Right now, I'm somewhere in the middle but I do know that I really want to capture my thoughts, reflections and stories so that I can document all of the work that I have done.

Most of my research has been done using and various websites that I have found along the way.  I have visited cemeteries, libraries, accessed military records, vital records and taken a trip to the Dutchess County with my Dad.  My Dad is my partner in this endeavor, however we have also brought along my mom, husband and even my two year old son at the time.   We have become the keeper of the past and with this blog I will attempt to share my research as well as use it as a tool to dig deeper and find more family treasures.

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